Paddock systems

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  • Alexander Ranch Sun City, Kansas

    Ted Alexander

    The Alexander Ranch of Sun City, Kansas has been selected as one of the regional recipients of the 2007 Environmental Stewardship Award Program [by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association].

  • Managing Saskatchewan Rangeland

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatchewan

    This book was created over a number of years by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to assist range managers in the stewardship of rangeland resources in Saskatchewan.

  • Rancho Jaralillo

    Durango, Durango

    Rancho Jaralillo, located in Durango State in Mexico, implements sustainable practices inspired by the Holistic Management approach. Due to its location in a semi-arid region, the ranch is prone to soil erosion.

  • Rancho La Gacha

    Piedras Negras, Coahuila

    Rancho La Gacha, located in Piedras Negras in Mexico, is a unique ranching operation dedicated to sustainable practices. The ranch employs a grazing system that utilizes short periods of grazing in a multi-paddock system.

  • Rancho La Jococa

    Pánuco, Zacatecas

    Rancho la Jococa, located in Pánuco, Zacatecas has demonstrated a sound commitment to using sustainable ranching practices. Because it is located in a semi-arid region of Mexico, it is vital for the ranch to maintain sufficient moisture levels on the property.

  • Rancho Tontonilquillo

    Cuencamé, Durango

    Totonilquillo Ranch, located in Cuencamé in Mexico, is dedicated to enhancing native grassland health and productivity. The ranch participates in a grassland improvement program that rehabilitates degraded areas through soil conservation and the planting of native shrubs and grass species.

  • Rangeland Management Before, During, and After Drought

    University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension, Arizona

    The University of Arizona’s School of Renewable Natural Resources created this document to help land manager prepare and respond to drought events in North American grasslands.

  • Rangeland Management Strategies

    Sustainable Agriculture Network, USA

    This bulletin from the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SARE) recommends strategies that may help to integrate range management techniques that have long-term benefits for people, their land and their communities.

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