Rancho La Gacha

Piedras Negras, Coahuila

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Rancho La Gacha
Country Mexico
Region Piedras Negras, Coahila
Grass Type
# of head of cattle
Language Spanish
Reference Mann, R. and R. Dávila, 1995. Informe de la visita técnica realizada por Roy S. Mann, acompañado por el Ing. Raúl Dávila, FIRCO, a las regiones ganaderas del norte de México. 22 pp. USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service (Unpublished).
Date modified May 2013

Rancho La Gacha, located in Piedras Negras in Mexico, is a unique ranching operation dedicated to sustainable practices.  The ranch employs a grazing system that utilizes short periods of grazing in a multi-paddock system.

Water distribution is very important in the arid region of Coahuila and the ranch has built fenced central watering troughs to ensure continued water availability for its cattle. These watering troughs allow cattle to access water whenever they need it while minimizing potential evaporation and contamination.

Rancho la Gacha implements sustainable practices inspired by the Holistic Management approach.