Rancho Tontonilquillo

Cuencamé, Durango

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Rancho Tontonilquillo
Country Mexico
Region Cuencamé, Durango
# of head of cattle 700
Hectares 8,070
Language Spanish
Reference Aguirre C. and J. Hoth, 2008. Mejores prácticas ganaderas para la conservación y uso sustentable del pastizal en el Desierto Chihuahuense. The Nature Conservancy. 14 pp. (Unpublished).
Date modified June 2013

Totonilquillo Ranch, located in Cuencamé in Mexico, is dedicated to enhancing native grassland health and productivity. The ranch participates in a grassland improvement program that rehabilitates degraded areas through soil conservation and the planting of native shrubs and grass species.

The ranch employs a rotational grazing scheme that uses paddock systems in order to allow rest periods for grasslands, so that it is not necessary to plant any tame pastures for supplemental feed.