Rancho La Jococa

Pánuco, Zacatecas

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Rancho la Jococa
Country Mexico
Region Pánuco, Zacatecas
# of head of cattle 86
Hectares 388
Language Spanish
Reference Aguirre C. and J. Hoth, 2008. Mejores prácticas ganaderas para la conservación y uso sustentable del pastizal en el Desierto Chihuahuense. The Nature Conservancy. 14 pp. (Unpublished).
Date modified May 2013

Rancho la Jococa, located in Pánuco, Zacatecas has demonstrated a sound commitment to using sustainable ranching practices. Because it is located in a semi-arid region of Mexico, it is vital for the ranch to maintain sufficient moisture levels on the property.

The ranch uses rotational grazing to move the herd around the land, ensuring the rangelands maintain sufficient grass cover so as to facilitate water retention in the soil and promote the healthy growth of local grass species. Rancho la Jococa also participates in a grasslands improvement program based on tracking systems of rotational grazing. The ranch makes use of seasonal paddocks and reports on its experiences with this method.