The Weedon Ranch

Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization The Weedon Ranch
Country Canada
Region Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Grass Type Northern Mixed Prairie
Hectares 9,478
Language English
Date modified May 2013

Located in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, the Weedon Ranch lies across a sandhill ecosystem where water and grass management are a top priority. The focus of the ranch’s sustainability management strategy is on the development of an efficient and reliable watering system. This includes the buried water pipelines, water stations, windmills and dugouts to increase the amount of available surface water.

The water facilities are strategically located around the ranch for maximum range utilization. Grasslands onsite are divided into hay production, tame forages for grazing and native grass ranges and woody plant areas. These last areas provide excellent wildlife habitat for mule deer, white tail deer, pronghorn antelope and sharptail grouse.

Fences have been constructed to accommodate a number of strategies described in the document including deferred grazing of all native pasture, switchback grazing, and balanced stocking rates. These grazing strategies have resulted in more litter and more diverse and productive grass species. The Weedon Ranch regularly hosts field days and educational tours addressing management protocols on Canada’s rangelands, range plant identification, range assessment and biodiversity observations.

The Weedon Ranch was awarded the 2012 National Environmental Stewardship Award by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association in recognition of management practices that ensure sustainable resources for future generations.