Silver Hills Ranch

Lumby, British Columbia

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Silver Hills Ranch
Country Canada
Region Lumby, British Columbia
Grass Type Northern Mixed Prairie
# of head of cattle 120
Hectares 803
Language English
Date modified May 2013

At Silver Hills Ranch located in Lumby, British Columbia, productivity has increased by using grazing and water management practices. Livestock rotation has been employed to reduce grassland overexploitation and increase manure spreading over the property. A diversity of forage has been planted to provide a varied diet to livestock and improve bird habitat. Riparian corridors have undergone restoration to increase habitat for fish, waterfowl and local wildlife resulting in the ranch being certified as Salmon-Safe.

Cattle use off-stream watering sites and fencing helps protect creeks and enhance wildlife habitat. To supplement income, the farm practices some timber harvesting. Silver Hills Ranch holds an annual biodiversity tour that raises the awareness of neighboring ranchers and conservationists about the ability of the ranching industry to increase local biodiversity and care for the environment.

Silver Hills Ranch was awarded the 2012 Environmental Stewardship Award by the British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association for their commitment to environmental management practices. The ranch recently completed its five-year renewal of the environmental farm plan with more improvements coming.