Stocking density // Carga animal

Management // Manejo

US // The number of animals, animal units or total animal liveweight present at a particular point in time on a defined area (paddock). Stocking density is usually defined on a per-acre basis.
Beef Quality Assurance: 157.
US // Animal demand per unit area of land at any instant of time (i.e. AU/acre or AU/section of land); an animal/area ratio describing the relationship between number of animals and the corresponding area of land at any instant of time. Also stocking rate.
Vallentine, J.F. 2001. Grazing Management. USA. San Diego, CA: Academic Press. See p. 575.
CAN // The number of animals on a given area of land at any moment in time.
Saskatchewan Forage Council 2010.
MEX // Número de unidades animal que pastorean un área determinada y en un tiempo específico.
SAGARPA, 2003.
MEX // Nu´mero de cabezas de ganado que pastorean en una superficie determinada sin considerar la e´poca del an~o y los dan~os a la vegetacio´n.
Esqueda, M. et al. 2011: 9.


EN // Stocking Rate; Ecologically Sustainable (Management)
ESP // Carga animal ecológicamente sustentable (Manejo)

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