Rangeland Health // Salud del agostadero

Management // Manejo

US // The ecological condition of the land, measured by three characteristics: soils/watershed functions; energy flow relationships; ability to recover from a disturbance.
USDA website, NIFA.
CAN // A term used to describe net primary productivity, maintenance of soil/site stability, capture and beneficial release of water, nutrient cycling and energy flow, and functional diversity of plant species on rangeland.
Bruynooghe and Macdonald 2008: 106.


EN // Carrying capacity; Grazing capacity; Stocking density; Stocking Rate; Ecologically Sustainable; Grazing management; Management, holistic; Rangeland condition (Management)
ESP // Capacidad de carga; Capacidad de Carga Animal; Carga animal ecológicamente sostenible; Manejo del Pastoreo; Manejo holístico; Condición del agostadero (Manejo)

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