Food Alliance Certified // Certificado por Alianza Alimentaria

Marketing // Mercadotecnia

US // A comprehensive certification through the non-profit organization Food Alliance (OR). Criteria for certification focus on safe and fair working conditions, the humane treatment of animals and the protection of the environment.
Food Alliance website.


EN // Agriculture, organic (Economy); Beef, chemical-free; Beef, free range; Beef, organic; Feed, organic (Management); Humane, certified; Natural; Proof of process (Marketing)
ESP // Agricultura orgánica (Economía); Carne de ganado libre de sustancias químicas; Ganado, libre pastoreo; Carne orgánica; Ganado alimentado con alimentos orgánicos (Manejo); Trato humanitario, certificado; Natural; Certificación, procesos (Mercadotecnia)

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