Beef, short-fed // Carne de ganado mantenido en corral durante un periodo corto

Management // Manejo

US // Beef from cattle that spend less time than is typical on the feedlot, making for leaner meat. E.g. 92-94 days instead of the industry average of 120-140 days.
Campbell, D. 2006. The Natural: “Brickless” marketing co-op helps ranchers tap growing market for lean, natural beef. USA. Rural Cooperatives 73(4): 4-9.
CAN // Cattle placed on feed after being weaned. Usually placed on feed during months of March through July. Fed for 120-160 days.
Lardy 1999: 5.
MEX // Ganado que permanece un periodo corto en el corral de engorda para producir carne magra.
Sánchez Granillo, E., PhD. Councillor of the Minister, Ministry of Rural Development, State Government of Chihuahua. Personal communication, 2012.

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