Beef, free range // Ganado, libre pastoreo

Management // Manejo

US // Beef that comes from cattle that were not confined during most or all of their lives. Also can imply that animals were fed on what was not commercially produced. It is sometimes combined with grass-fed or organic, but there is no “free-range beef” certification. There is, however, a “free-range poultry” designation that is USDA-regulated. It indicates that the flock was provided shelter in a building, room or area with unlimited access to food, fresh water, and continuous access to the outdoors during their production cycle.
USDA website, NOP. Also Nevada Free Range Beef website.
MEX // Carne producida a partir de ganado en libre pastoreo.
Sánchez Granillo, E., PhD. Councillor of the Minister, Ministry of Rural Development, State Government of Chihuahua. Personal communication, 2012.


EN // Agriculture, organic (Economy); Beef, chemical-free; Beef, organic; Feed, organic (Management); Biodynamic; Natural; Proof of process (Marketing)
ESP // Agricultura orgánica (Economía); Carne de ganado libre de sustancias químicas; Carne orgánica; Ganado alimentado con alimentos orgánicos (Manejo); Biodinámico; Natural; Certificación, procesos (Mercadotecia)

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