Beef, forage-finished // Carne de ganado finalizada con forraje

Management // Manejo

CAN // Animal diets must be 100% forage from weaning to slaughter; this may be any combination of grass and legumes from pasture during the growing season or stored forage during the feed period (winter). The animal (including calves) cannot be fed energy in the form of starch (e.g. cereal grains, potato waste, etc).
Manitoba Grass Fed Beef Association 2011
CAN // “Forage finished beef” is meat that has been produced by feeding beef cattle a diet of high quality forage from start to finish. Grain is not utilized at all during this process.
Manitoba Forage Council 2007: 4


EN // Forage; Beef, grass-finished (Management)
ESP // Forraje; Carne de ganado finalizada en pradera (Manejo)

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