Beef, chemical-free // Carne de ganado libre de sustancias químicas

Management // Manejo

US // Beef from cattle that were produced using no herbicides or pesticides, not even in the general area, such as on nearby fruit trees and roadways. Vaccinations allowed. Any animal that will be processed as organic must be chemical free.
Thomas, H.S. 2005: Getting Started with Beef and Dairy Cattle. USA. North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing. See p. 96.


EN // Agriculture, organic (Economy); Beef, free range; Beef, organic; Feed, organic; Never Ever 3 (Management); Biodynamic; Natural; Proof of process (Marketing)
ESP // Agricultura orgánica (Economía); Ganado, libre pastoreo; Carne orgánica; Ganado alimentado con alimentos orgánicos; Nunca jamás (Manejo); Biodinámico; Natural; Certificación, procesos (Mercadotecnia)

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