Bold Ranch

Winifred, Montana

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Bold Ranch
Country USA
Region Winifred, Montana
Grass Type Northern Mixed Prairie
Language English
Date modified May 2013

Located near Winifred, Montana, Bold Ranch operates as a sustainable working and recreational enterprise. Bold Ranch was an early adopter of no-till farming in the region, providing soil and water conservation and carbon sequestration benefits. Rotational grazing and rest periods are also used to maintain healthy rangelands even during droughts.

These highly productive rangelands are beneficial to both cattle and wildlife. To safeguard operations against drought, stock water ponds have been put in place as well as artesian wells and water pipelines for the cattle. Wildlife is also attracted to these watering sources year round, providing opportunities for recreation and hunting activities on the property.

Bold Ranch is committed to fostering partnerships with organizations such as Montana State University; Texas A&M; Farm Service Agency; Natural Resource Conservation Service; Undaunted Stewardship; Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks; Bureau of Land Management; and Montana Department of State Lands. Bold Ranch is also the recipient of the 2012 Regional Environmental Stewardship Award Program presented by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.