BC Grassland Stewardship Guide: A Guide for Ranchers and Recreation Users

BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks

Type Government Publication
Organization BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Country Canada
Region British Columbia
Link http://best-practices.ltabc.ca/media/resources/land-management/Grasslands_Stewardship_Guide_SS.pdf
Language English
Reference Chutter, Alison. 1997. BC Grasslands Stewardship: A guide for Ranchers and Recreation Users (Stewardship series). BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks. British Columbia, Canada.
Date modified May 2013

This guide was created by British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks to help ranchers and recreation users to recognize stewardship activities as crucial to the successful conservation of diverse, healthy grasslands. To illustrate the needs of grassland wildlife and livestock, the guide presents typical problems associated with grassland use and possible solutions that can help enhance their productivity and health.

To mitigate and avoid grassland degradation, the guide suggests that grassland owners and users apply an appropriate grazing system to their particular grassland. Evaluating grazing plans and regularly assessing results can ensure that management strategies are well suited to each unique section of grassland. In order to maintain healthy wetlands and ensure healthy riparian corridors, the guide suggests using water troughs or dugouts in addition to natural watering sites.

Management solutions also include the use of fencing to manage livestock grazing and prescribed burning to rejuvenate grasslands and prevent forest encroachment. Limiting vehicle access to grasslands is also recommended to prevent soil compacting. The guide also encourages ranchers to learn more about the specific needs of other grassland users such as local wildlife.