Ranchos Salinillas

Ranchos Salinillas, Nuevo Leon

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Rancho Salinillas
Country Mexico
Region Ranchos Salinillas, Nuevo Leon
Language Spanish
Reference Mann, R. and R. Dávila, 1995. Informe de la visita técnica realizada por Roy S. Mann, acompañado por el Ing. Raúl Dávila, FIRCO, a las regiones ganaderas del norte de México. 22 pp. USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service (Unpublished).
Date modified May 2013

Salinillas Ranch, located in Nuevo Leon State in Mexico, is committed to enhancing the health, productivity and profitability of their land. Grazing management strategies are central to the ranch’s success and the ranch considers grazing as an important contributor to maximum grassland health.

The conversion of low production farmland to grassland using introduced grass species has greatly improved the quality of forage for the herd. Management of water resources is also important to the sustainability of the ranch. Erosion of riparian corridors was detrimental to stream quality and health so dikes were constructed to manage the retreating banks.

Ranchos Salinillas implements management strategies promoted by the Center for Holistic Resource Management.