A Land Manager’s Guide to Grassland Birds of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Watershed Authority

Type Government Publication
Organization Saskatchewan Watershed Authority
Region Saskatchewan
Country Canada
Grass Type Northern Mixed Prairie
Link http://www.southsaskriverstewards.ca/ckfinder/userfiles/files/GrasslandBirds.pdf?PHPSESSID=0ftvfi25dbogaecvcvfp4unfm1
Date modified May 2013


The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority created this guide to “provide ranchers with basic information on the identification, habitat and biology of grassland birds…[and] how pasture management influences grassland birds and their habitat.” (p. 4)

The comprehensive guide profiles 33 species of birds, and ten species of plants present in Saskatchewan grasslands. While the majority of the guide focuses on carefully describing each species, it also identifies important management practices for healthy grasslands. As stated on p. 5 of the guide: “Conservation of remaining native prairie parcels is the first priority for ensuring grassland birds and other prairie species are not lost altogether”. The guide also stresses the importance of periodic disturbances such as controlled grazing and prescribed burning.