Funk Farms Trust

Shirley, Illinois

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Funk Farms Trust
Country USA
Region Shirley, Illinois
Hectares 880
Language English
Date modified June 2014

Located in Shirley, Illinois, Funk Farms has long prioritized environmental stewardship. As one of the oldest farms in Illinois, management has continually adhered to sustainable practices. The farm has implemented a number of beneficial practices including water management through 35 miles of waterways and soil erosion control through 25 miles of terraces. Wind, dust and other airborne pollutants are reduced by hedgerows, which also facilitate water retention and absorption into the water table.

Nutrient management practices include composting manure and using feedlots, and these nutrients are then used to fertilize corn and soybean fields on the farm. Funk Farms advocates the use of research and technology to increase the sustainability of their operations, and hosts open houses and field days to engage the community.

Funk Farms was the recipient of the 2012 regional Environmental Stewardship Award Program presented by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.