Caring for the Green Zone: Riparian Areas and Grazing Management

Cows and Fish Program, Alberta

Type Conservation Organization Publication
Organization Cows and Fish Program, Alberta
Country Canada
Region Alberta
Language English
Reference Fitch, L., B. Adams and K. O’Shaughnessy. 2003. Caring for the Green Zone: Riparian Areas and Grazing Management – Third Edition. Lethbridge, Alberta: Cows and Fish Program.
Key words Ecosystem Management, Water Resource Management, Grass Management, Invasive Species, Grazing Management, Education & Awareness
Date modified May 2013

This document for agricultural producers covers general grazing management principles and beneficial practices for grazing in riparian areas. Case studies documenting successful grazing in riparian areas are also provided.

According to the Cows and Fish Program, healthy riparian areas are foundational for a sustainable livestock operation. The booklet recommends four major management principles as described on p. 21: balancing animal demand with the available forage supply, even distribution of livestock, minimal grazing of pastures during vulnerable times and effective rest after grazing. The booklet provides over a dozen case studies demonstrating successful implementation of these principles.