Bar LD Ranch

Bonnyville, Alberta

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Bar LD Ranch
Country Canada
Region Bonnyville, Alberta
# of head of cattle 500
Hectares 3,237
Language English
Date modified June 2014

Bar LD Ranch, located near Bonnyville, Alberta demonstrates a commitment to land management, water quality, wildlife conservation, and leadership activities in the community. Because of the erosion-prone sandy and rocky soil (common to the region) rotational grazing and moderate stocking rates are used to maintain rangeland health including good soil condition and vegetation vigor.

Remote watering systems ensure water availability throughout the ranch and fencing is used to protect springs and small lakes on the property. Fences around large tree and bush stands conserve these areas for wildlife habitat and provide cattle with shelter in winter.

Bar LD Ranch is an advocate of environmental partnerships and participates in a number of collaborations. The ranch has worked with the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Company to evaluate the environmental risks and strengths of their operations. The ranch was certified with the third party verification system provided by the Alberta On Farm Food Safety Program, signifying that the ranch is committed to the highest standard of beef production.

Inviting the community onto the ranch is also important to Bar LD Ranch management, and they often host tours for cattle producers, school children or others interested in environmental management practices. Bar LD Ranch is the recipient of the 2006 Environmental Stewardship Award from Alberta Beef Producers.