77 Ranch

Blooming Grove, Texas

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization 77 Ranch
Country USA
Region Blooming Grove, Texas
Grass Type
# of head of cattle 250
Hectares 847
Link http://www.environmentalstewardship.org/regioniv-77ranch.aspx
Language English
Date modified May 2013


Located near Blooming Grove, Texas, 77 Ranch has grown over the past 37 years as it acquired neighboring lands. Restoring native grasses has been central to the ranch’s conservation efforts; it currently hosts over 200 species of forbs and grasses in its pastures. In addition to the reintroduction of native species, Ranch 77 recently began a system of rotational grazing to prevent over-exploitation of the grasses. Heavy equipment and herbicides are used sparingly to ensure sustainable and healthy forage.

The ranch has prioritized wetland and water development; the addition of thick native grasses in the riparian zone filters the water and slows erosion and runoff. 77 Ranch has also focused on quail and turkey population restoration to diversify the ranch’s income through bass fishing and waterfowl and bird hunting. The ranch also sells nuts from 150 native pecan trees as an additional value-added product. 77 Ranch supports science and monitoring through participation in the Western Navarro Bobwhite Restoration Initiative, including monitoring populations at the landscape-scale, bird counts and a depredation project for quail nests.

77 Ranch has received the Outstanding Rangeland Steward Award from the Texas Section Society for Range Management and the Leopold Conservation Award for Texas from Sand County Foundation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. They were also the recipients of the 2012 Regional Environmental Stewardship Award Program presented by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.