Rancho Los Ángeles

Saltillo, Coahuila

Type Rancher Case Study
Organization Rancho Los Ángeles
Country Mexico
Region Saltillo, Coahuila
Language Spanish
Reference Mann, R. and R. Dávila, 1995. Informe de la visita técnica realizada por Roy S. Mann, acompañado por el Ing. Raúl Dávila, FIRCO, a las regiones ganaderas del norte de México. 22 pp. USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service (Unpublished).
Date modified June 2013

Rancho Los Ángeles, located in Saltillo in Mexico, is committed to environmental stewardship and community action. This experimental ranch is run by the Antonio Narro Agrarian Autonomous University (Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro) with a view to inspire the surrounding ranching community to make conservation a priority in their operations.

The ranch is careful not to overgraze and uses rotational grazing systems to ensure equal distribution of cattle on the land. The ranch approaches biodiversity conservation from a community level and aims to have healthy plant communities to ensure high quality forage, and a resilient ecosystem.