Roughage // Forraje

Management // Manejo

US // Feeds high in fiber and low in energy, such as hay and pasture.
Thomas, H.S. 2005. Getting Started with Beef and Dairy Cattle. USA. North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing. See p. 270.
CAN // Pasture, dry hay, silage and other roughages including straw, by-products, beet pulp, vegetable waste, etc. converted to 100% dry matter.
Statistics Canada 2003: 9.
MEX // Hierba que se da al ganado, especialmente en la primavera. Pasto seco conservado para alimentación del ganado y también los cereales destinados a la alimentación del ganado.
Real Academia Española 2001.


EN // Roughage (Management)
ESP // Forraje (Manejo)

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