Rangeland Condition // Condición del agostadero

Management // Manejo

US // 1. The state of health or productivity of both soil and forage of a given range in terms of what it could or should be under a normal climate and under the best practicable management. 2. An animal that is in a sufficent state of health or condition to be kept on the range.

Note: This term measures the range based upon agricultural production standards. This is different from “range condition” which measures the range based upon ecological standards.
Herren, R.V. and R.L. Donahue. 1991. The Agriculture Dictionary. USA. Albany, NY: Delmar Publishers. See p. 381.
CAN // The composition of range plant communities relative to the kinds and relative amounts of plants that range is naturally capable of supporting.
Saskatchewan Forage Council 2010.
CAN // The current state of the vegetation compared with that of the climax or original vegetation for the range site.
Smoliak, S., J.A. Campbell, A. Johnston and L.M. Forces. 1966. Guide to Range Condition and Stocking Rates for Alberta Grasslands. Alberta Lands and Forests Publ.
MEX // Estado actual de salud y productividad de las tierras de pastoreo con respecto a su potencial.
MEX // Estado actual de la vegetacio´n de un sitio, expresado en te´rminos comparativos con el ma´ximo potencial de ese sitio.
Esqueda, M. et al. 2011: 9.


EN //Rangeland Coefficient (Management)
ESP // Coeficiente de agostadero (Manejo)

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