Range condition // Condición del agostadero

Management // Manejo

US // The present status of vegetation of a range site in relation to the historic climax or natural potential plant community for the site. Range condition is expressed as a percentage of the climax plant community presently occurring on the range site and grouped into four range condition classes: Poor (0-25%); Fair (26-50%); Good (51-75%); Excellent (76-100%). For Canada and Mexico, see “Grassland, good” and “Grassland, poor.”

Note: Term no longer used by NRCS. This term measures the range based upon ecological standards. This is different from “rangeland condition” which measure the range based upon agriculture production standards.
USDA website, NRCS.
CAN // See Rangeland Condition.

MEX // Estado actual de la vegetación de un sitio, expresado en términos comparativos con el máximo potencial de ese sitio.
Esqueda, M. et al. 2011: 9.


EN // Grassland, good; Grassland; poor; Range condition; Rangeland condition (Management)
ESP // Pastizal, bueno; Pastizal, pobre; Condición del agostadero (Manejo)

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