Raise Well Standard // Estándar de buena crianza

Marketing // Mercadotecnia

US // An initiative started by the Country Natural Beef Cooperative that protects animal welfare. The principle concerns are how the cattle are handled, what they are fed and how they are slaughtered. Used in conjunction with the Graze Well Standard.
Cobb, T.D. 2011. Reclaiming Our Food: How the Grassroots Food Movement is Changing the Way We Eat. USA. North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing. See p. 261.


EN // Agriculture, organic; Beef, grass-finished; Beef, green; Beef, humane; Beef, organic; Stocking Rate; Ecologically Sustainable (Management); Food Alliance Certified; Humane, certified; Ranching, Predator-friendly (Marketing)
ESP // Agricultura orgánica (Economía); Carne de ganado finalizada en pradera; Carne de ganado sustentable; Carne de ganado, trato humanitario; Carne orgánica; Carga animal ecológicamente sustentable (Manejo); Certificado por Alianza Alimentaria; Trato humanitario, certificado; Ganadería, amigable con los depredadores (Mercadotecnia)

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