Paddock // Potrero

Management // Manejo

US // A pasture subdivision within a grazing unit
Beef Quality Assurance: 153.
US // A small area near a barn or stable, usually fenced or otherwise enclosed. It is used for pasture or for exercising animals, especially horses.
Troeh, F.R. and R.L. Donahue. 2003. Dictionary of Agricultural and Environmental Science. USA. Ames, IA: Iowa State Press. See p. 344.
CAN // A division of land within a grazing cell.
Saskatchewan Forage Council 2010.
MEX // Terreno cercado con pastos para alimentar y guardar el ganado.
Sánchez Granillo, E., PhD. Councillor of the Minister, Ministry of Rural Development, State Government of Chihuahua. Personal communication, 2012.

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