Overgrazing // Sobrepastoreo

Environment / Medio Ambiente

US // The act of causing livestock to consume too much of the forage of a pasture or range area, resulting in loss of the most palatable species, reduced plant cover, and excessive soil erosion.
Troeh, F.R. and R.L. Donahue. 2003. Dictionary of Agricultural and Environmental Science. USA. Ames, IA: Iowa State Press. See p. 340.
US // Continued heavy grazing which exceeds the recovery capacity of the forage plants and creates deterioration of the grazing lands.
Vallentine, J.F. 2001. Grazing Management. USA. San Diego, CA: Academic Press. See p. 571.
CAN // Regrazing a plant before it has completely recovered from a previous defoliation event; continued grazing which exceeds the recovery capacity of the plants causes range deterioration.
Saskatchewan Forage Association 2010.
MEX // Apacentamiento frecuente o continuo en determinado territorio, ya sea durante la temporada de crecimiento o bien an~o con an~o, de manera que no se da a las plantas tiempo suficiente para recuperarse.
ECOPAD 2007: 20.


EN // Conservation (Environment); Carrying capacity; Grazing capacity; Stewarship; Stocking density; Stocking Rate; Ecologically Sustainable; Grazing management; Management, holistic (Management)
ESP // Conservación (Medio Ambiente); Capacidad de carga; Capacidad de Carga Animal; Liderazgo, administración responsable; Carga animal ecológicamente sostenible; Manejo del Pastoreo; Manejo holísitico (Manejo)

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