Forage // Forraje

Management // Manejo

US // Either fresh of dried plant material consumed by livestock or wild animals as pasture, hay or silage; especially the leaves and stems of grasses and legumes, usually at a growth stage prior to seed production. See roughage.
Troeh, F.R. and R.L. Donahue. 2003. Dictionary of Agricultural and Environmental Science. USA. Ames, IA: Iowa State Press. See p. 190.
CAN // Forages are defined as hay, silage, and greenfeed.
MAFRI’s website.

MEX // Forraje verde o seco que es cosechado para alimentar al ganado.
Sánchez Granillo, E., PhD. Councillor of the Minister, Ministry of Rural Development, State Government of Chihuahua. Personal communication, 2012.


EN // Forage, high-quality ; Roughage (Management)
ESP // Forraje de alta calidad; Forraje (Manejo)

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