Conservation // Conservación

Environment // Medio Ambiente

US // Wise use that avoids waste and maintains resoures for the future. It differs from preservation, which excludes use of the resources.
Troeh, F.R. and R.L. Donahue. 2003. Dictionary of Agricultural and Environmental Science. USA. Ames, IA: Iowa State Press. See p. 107.
CAN // The use and management of natural resources according to principles that assure their sustained economic and social benefits, without damaging the environmental quality.
PCAP 1998: 43.
CAN // The wise use, management and protection of resources to maintain their quality and quantity on a sustainable basis.
Prairie Conservation Forum 2001: 27.
MEX // Cuidado o aprovechamiento de los recursos de la tierra y la naturaleza, de manera que se mantienen los ecositemas, las especies y la diversidad genética, así como los procesos ecológicos y evolutivos.
ECOPAD 2007: 19.

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