Beef, natural // Carne de ganado libre de hormonas

Management // Manejo

US // 1. A term used widely and without federal verification for how animals were raised. Over a dozen natural beef programs exist, each with its own production requirements.
2. USDA-Requirement. A label about how beef was processed. The USDA requires that any beef with this label must be minimally processed and with no additives, such as artificial flavoring, coloring ingredient, chemical preservative, or any other artificial or synthetic ingredient. This refers only to processing (meat-packing stage) and therefore is not required to carry claims regarding how the animal was raised. “Natural” does not guarantee that cattle have been grain- or grass-fed, nor is it a confirmation that the meat is free from growth hormones or antibiotics.
USDA website, Fact Sheet. Also University of Arkansas.
CAN // Beef produced without the use of antibiotics and artificial growth stimulants.
Government of Saskatchewan 2008.


EN // Agriculture, organic (Economy); Antibiotic free; Beef, chemical-free; Beef, free range; Beef, humane; Beef, organic; Feed, organic; Never Ever 3 (NE3); Rangeland management (Management); Biodynamic; Graze Well Standard; Natural; Proof of process (Marketing)
ESP // Agricultura orgánica (Economía); Libre de antibioticos; Carne de ganado libre de sustancias químicas; Carne orgánica; Nunca jamás; Manejo de agostadero (Manejo); Biodinámico; estándar de buen pastoreo; Natural; Certificación, procesos (Mercadotecnia)

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