Beef, Conservation // Carne de ganado de conservación

Management // Manejo

US // A now-defunct Nature Conservancy program with the goal of conserving ecologically significant ranchlands. Ranchers in this program were required to develop an environmental management plan specific to their land, which would enhance soil and water quality, wildlife habitat and/or open space. To continue into the second year, a rancher had to agree to a Full Stewardship Plan, including specific commitments to open space. These commitments included easements and/or donations of the proceeds from a land sale to a local land trust.
Grewell, J.B. and C.J. Landry. 2003. Ecological Agrarian: Agriculture’s First Evolution in 10,000 years. USA. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press. See pp. 30-31.


EN // Beef, biodiversity-friendly; Beef, bird-friendly (Management) Graze Well Standard (Marketing)
ESP // Carne de ganado amigable de la biodiversidad; Carne de ganado amigable de las aves (Manejo); estándar de buen pastoreo (Mercadotecnia)

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