Beef, artisan // Carne de ganado artesanal

Marketing // Mercadotecnia

US // A trademark of The Artisan Beef Institute. The institute promotes collaboration between professional cooks, ranchers and butchers to foster education and research concerning the quality (including texture and flavor) of beef and other products. The Institute “certifies” certain ranches that meet their Artisan Beef standards, including a professional taste evaluation.
Note: Consumer choice and education (or lack of) has had a great impact in the beef market. Although the main focus of the Artisan Beef label is on superior taste, the term is included here because criteria for use of the brand incorporate the entire value chain including animal husbandry and land management practices.
Artisan Beef website.


EN // Stocking Rate; Ecologically Sustainable; Grazing management; Management, holistic; Stewardship (Management); Graze Well Standard; Natural (Marketing)
ESP // Carga animal ecológicamente sustentable; Manejo del Pastoreo; Manejo holísitico; Liderazgo, administración responsable (Manejo); Estándar de buen pastoreo; Natural (Mercadotecnia)

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